Monday, October 8, 2012

Does the Crochet of an Angel become an Angel?

I recently signed up for redditgifts Doctor Who gift exchange. If you are unfamiliar with redditgifts. It's a gift exchange program for users. This program has several different gift exchanges. If you have a chance check it out!

When I received my match I was excited to see that their favorite villain was The Weeping Angels. These are creatures from Doctor Who and made of stone...before I totally nerd out just read the Wiki on them for more info. I was excited because I had been rolling the idea of crocheting up an Angel in my head for several years and now I had a reason to start hooking!

A Weeping Angel
After posting pictures of my finished Weeping Angel on r/doctorwho I quickly realized that people wanted this pattern. Since I don't really crochet directly from a pattern and normally just create things based off of a hodge-podge of of patterns and YouTube videos. I was reluctant to write a pattern out but, since this one was so easy to make I figured heck, I'll just try my hand at pattern writing. So here it is. I warn you, I suck at this.

Chain 21
In the 2nd loop from the hook 10SC, 10 HDC chain one turn
Work all the next stitches in the back loop. This will create the ribbed pattern.
10 HDC, 10 SC chain one turn
10 SC, 10 HDC chain one turn
10 HDC, 10 SC chain one turn
10 SC, 10 HDC chain one turn
10 HDC, 10 SC chain one turn
10 SC, 10 HDC chain one turn
10 HDC, 10 SC chain one turn
10 SC, 10 HDC chain one turn
10 HDC, 10 SC chain one turn
10 SC, 10 HDC chain one turn
10 HDC, 10 SC chain one turn
Turn inside out and join the ends with a row of SC. This should create a cone for the body.

Work in a continued round
6 SC in a Magic Circle
Increase in every stitch (12 stitches)
1sc, 1 increase  for (18 stitches)
2 SC , 1 increase for  (24 stitches)
1 row of SC
1 row of SC

1 row of SC
1 row of SC
2 sc, decrease 1
1 sc, decrease 1

Using a yarn needle I just made loops getting bigger as they went around to create a "bowl cut" look. This is only the base of the hair so make the "cut" a lot shorter.

Crown braid
I used nerdigurumi's slip stitch for details video to create this look. Do this around the bottom of the "bowl cut"

Curls under the crown braid
Using a yarn needle I simply sewed  directly under the "crown braid" and left each loop loose. Just keep your thumb on the loop as you go along. They don't have to be perfect since they are meant to be unruly curls. Even Angel's made of stone have bad hair days.

Since everyone's stitching is different I don't want to give a specific stitch count. Just create a disk by continually increasing until you reach the size of your Angel's base. Stuff the base of the body with fill. I cut a bit of cardboard and placed it inside the base and then connected the base to the body with a row of SC. This causes it to bump out just a bit and make it look more like a statue.


Make two
I used a slightly modified version of  Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins wing pattern for this. The pattern can be found here. At the end of each row she calls for chain to create the ends of the wing. I reduced the chain amount by 3 so it does not curl as much.

Make 2
3 sc in a Magic Circle
1 increase in each stitch (6 stitches)
Work in continued rows
10 rows of 6 sc.


Now stuff the rest of the body and shape it how you want. Since this is worked in rows it can really stretch so don't over fill it or you'll have a plump Angel. Sew the arms to the middle of the face and sew the head onto the body. Sew the wings to the back of the body, I used that last row of SC as a marker. Now sew the arms to the middle of the body. Try to pull them down a bit to make the Angel look like it is slouching as it's crying.

I hope this helps, I know I'm no good at writing patterns so if you have any questions please let me know! 

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  1. Hi, thanks for this cutie! But I'm completely lost with the bowl you stitch directly on the head? Is it done separately? 🥺 or do I just sew or somehow attach some yarn and get done with it? I'm not that pro I have no idea 😅
    Thanks again!!!